Late-term, Anything-Goes abortion does NOT belong in the Vermont Constitution.

Legislators need to hear from constituents across Vermont to reject the expansive Article 22.

The petition signatures below will be delivered in advance of the vote of the legislature this February.

Petition To:

My Vermont State Rep(s)

Article 22 would enshrine Late-Term, Anything-Goes Abortion into the Vermont Constitution; and

Late-Term Abortion procedures involve terminating a fully-developed infant that may be just days, or even hours, away from delivery; and

Such a procedure is inhumane and unacceptable to Vermonters; and

The people of Vermont should be able to restrict Late Term Abortion if they choose, and Article 22 would prohibit them from doing so;

80% of Americans oppose terminating a baby the day before it’s born, including 68% of pro-choice Americans; and

Parental notification in these matters would be prohibited, and doctors and nurses will be forced to perform abortions against their medical judgment or risk losing their jobs,

I urge you to oppose amending the Vermont Constitution with the language of Article 22.